Maintenance & Repair Quick Tips

Finding the right mechanic

Most people have family members or friends that can work on a vehicle or that specialize in working on a certain type of vehicles. Putting your total trust into a mechanic shop or person to work on your vehicle can be difficult. To find the right mechanic you will need to call around to see who has the best attitude, prices and trained staff to handle your vehicle needs. Another way is to do research online for credible sources. Popular websites like offer a wealth of information on auto repairs & maintenance topics. Once you find a mechanic shop or mechanic that has all the listed qualities above stick with that shop or person.

Using online DIY videos:

The online videos can be helpful in some ways. It depends on what you are actually looking for in those videos. The more simple the problem, the easier it will be to understand in the video. However, a difficult fix can be difficult to understand in a DIY video online. If you find a person online that can really explain in depth how to fix the problem you may be able to contact them directly or subscribe to their channel or videos.


Reading or reaching out to the forum community:

The online community is such a wide range of different people that ironically may have the same exact problem with their car as you with yours. However, their suggestions may not fix your vehicle like it did theirs. Some of the forum community opinions help with helping you just simply troubleshoot your problem and others just want to get on forums and criticize people for letting their vehicle break down or run out of gas rather than lending them a helpful hand of advise or suggestions. If you do decide to use a forum community for advise or suggestions please remember to always take everything with a grain of salt, as you don’t need to add anymore negativity to your situation.

How to maintain the basics on your vehicle:

The basics on a car are simple you just have to remember the small things that will keep your car running. Gas, Battery, oil, air filter, water and last but not least tires. You will need to maintain all the basics to keep everything else running up to par. Everyone knows to add gas to the vehicle when the gas light comes on, but do people know what to do when the oil light comes on? If your oil light comes on you will want to stop at the next gas station and check the oil in your car, the engine will blow if you keep running the vehicle without oil. Once you check the oil, on the dipstick it should tell you if it is low then from there you have to use your own judgment on how much oil to add. 1 to 2 quarts should be enough and you should watch the oil from that point until you are able to get your oil changed.


When you get your oil changed you should have the air filter replaced on your vehicle, there are 2 air filters in newer cars one is for the actual engine and the other is for the cabin air inside the car where everyone rides. The next thing that should be on the list when getting your oil changed is having them test your battery to make sure it is at a full charge and they should also check the water in your vehicle’s radiator and rotating the tires are crucial as well. Keeping the tires well balanced is a key to keeping your vehicle from burning a lot of gas and you will get more miles out of the tires as well. The oil in your vehicle should be changed every 3,000 to 6,000 miles.