Bicycle Valets Can Cut Down Local Pollution, Congestion And Make Bicycle Friendly Locations

There exists a new craze increasing during the eco-friendly neighborhood – “bicycle valets” or “bike valets.” Although bicycle valets vary from space to place in structure, individual, machines and execution, all of them share one common aspect – they develop a bicycle pleasant desired destination.

Bicycles are significantly far more vitality effective than automobiles. You may journey even further with fewer gasoline and fewer pollution using a bicycle than any vehicle. It truly is very easy to see the extraordinary change if we evaluate the CO2/Mile of some popular modes of transportation.

The next are averages of CO2/Mile pollution by car or truck which has a single passenger:

1.57 lbs of CO2/Mile in a very “Sport Utility Vehicle” – 15 MPG
one.ten lbs of CO2/Mile in an “Average car” – 21.5 MPG
0.59 lbs of CO2/Mile in an “Economy car” – 40 MPG
0.00 lbs of CO2/Mile on a “Bicycle”

Examining the air pollution each auto creates, it can be straightforward to see why environmentalist love to motivate bicycle friendly destinations when attainable.

What exactly is a “Bicycle Valet?”

A bicycle valet can be an arranged valet and/or parking assistance for bicycles – imagine a coat examine for bicycles. Each place has it can be individual execution even so the aim of the services is always to really encourage people to arrive on their bicycles also to offer large scale, small term, bicycle parking.

In Santa Monica, California, you can uncover just one variation from the bicycle valet. Town of Santa Monica presents free bicycle parking for both equally the Summer season Twilight Dance Collection (a free of charge summer season concert sequence) as well as the Sunday Farmers Market place. In this situation the town delivers personnel and similar to some common valet, the team provide a ticket and take your car or truck. You happen to be needed to choose up your motor vehicle before the tip on the event but there’s no services charge, tipping is at your discretion.

More north in San Jose, California, the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition features similarly built bicycle valet products and services at a lot of destinations such as Stanford dwelling soccer online games, the San Jose Blues Pageant, Moffett Field Airshows and numerous Civic Artwork and Wine Festivals.

San Francisco, California, presents a free of charge valet bicycle parking at a amount situations which include the many San Francisco Giants home game titles, the Film inside the Park sequence, Tour de Unwanted fat and Winterfest. San Francisco is exclusive from numerous other cities in that as of January one,1999, the town demands bicycle parking for all main outside situations.

In Fairfax, California, you can look for a more grassroots energy. The Marin County Bicycle Coalition financial loans PVC bike racks to “Green Wednesdays” who consequently utilize them to supply totally free, safe, bicycle parking. “Green Wednesdays” features bicycle parking on the Wednesday Farmers Industry. While not particularly a bicycle valet assistance, “Green Wednesdays,” is featuring massive scale short-term secure bicycle parking. This in turn will make their regional Farmers Sector a bicycle friendly place.